Kham Space is a makerspace dedicated to enriching and

    enhancing the artist’s creative journey. Between the facility,

    team, specialty tools and supply store, Kham is your one stop

    shop where you can bring their ideas to life. Kham is the one

    stop shop where users can bring their ideas to life.

    We are a team of specialists with diverse creative backgrounds

    and skill sets that understand the challenges artists face today.


    In addition to offering work space and specialty machines

    and equipment. We also collaborate on artistic projects

    through consultation and production. Offering specialized

    services tailored to the needs of individual artists and the

    industry as a whole.


    • Membership based makerspace with studio rentals and a wood workshop supplied with specialty equipment and tools.
    • Creative art workshops and lectures.
    • Tailored production and consultation services like
    1. Concept building tailored for client project andexpectations
    2. Technical drawings and 3D renderings
    3. Supplying a production team of experts to complete project in the highest standard
    4. Overseeing production on site and ensuring client vision is achieved
    • Tailored production and consultation services:
    • A retail store supplied with specialty materials and tools
    • Physical space that can be rented for events, exhibitions and workshops

  • Specialty Paper

    A wide variety of handmade natural paper with many different textures and characteristics to suit your artistic needs.

  • Artist Tools

    A range of high quality artist tools from brushes, to pigments to specialty paper sketchbooks.

  • Custom Orders

    Handmade crafted canvas frames with the attention to detail and quality canvas material made to order.

  • Rent Space

    Rent space for your meeting, photography, offices and workshops.