Eid wa Tahaweed presents an exhibition in search of folk musical histories performed by mothers and children in times of gathering, remembrance and care. Through the artistic lenses of participating artists, both established and emerging; we proudly re-introduce a selection of sung rituals shared between the Kingdom's two shores and neighboring countries.

 Eid w Tahaweed brings to light the important cultural values that have been preserved and transfered via women's voices; maintaining social and cultural codes and beliefs in colourful and engaging modes. From the ancient shores of our Holy city, and shores of Dilmun to the largest palm tree oasis in the world and beyond, women and children have played important roles in nurturing the spirits behind our cultural values and traditions. We hope for viewers of this exhibition to be ignited by our shared love and respect towards our mother's caring and powerful voices as well as their presence. Wishing you all a happy and peacful Eid season. Many thanks to Rashid , Yathrub Al Sidr, Yara Elias, Ithra team, Athr Gallery A Sawtasura and Kham Space Collaboration

Curated by Tara Aldughaither, Founder of Sawtasura in collaboration with Kham Space

Services provided:

  • Space and layout design
  • Artwork production
  • Lighting design
  • Project management and construction oversight


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