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The Common Space

An inviting space with several seating arrangements suited to your needs. The area has a communal kitchen and several spots to hang out or work. 

Recommended/Previously used for: Workshops, talks, and events.

Size/Capacity: 30 People

Pricing: 250 Sr / Hr

The Makerspace

The makerspace is equipped with a wide variety of woodworking machines and tools for you to complete your project.

Equipment list: Table saw, Bandsaw, Router, Jigsaw, Orbital sander and a wide variety of hand tools.

Recommended/Previously used for: Workshops and projects.

Size/Capacity: 5 people

Pricing: Depending on Workshops

The Quiet Space

An area separate from the verse space where you can work quietly. The area has several seating arrangements and a library with a range of reading material at your disposable.

Recommended/Previously used for: Coworking.

Size/Capacity: 20 People

Pricing: 250 Sr / Hr

The Versa Space


This is a multipurpose room with great natural lighting that can be used in a variety of ways depending on your needs. The space has previously been used for meetings, photoshoots, workshops and for lectures. 

For Photoshoot -

Studio equipment list:

1. Studio Backdrops:
- Two colors available: Grey & Nude
- Wood Backgrounds

2. Light Kit: (Coming Soon)

3. Shooting Table

Size/Capacity: 30 people.

Pricing: 200Sr / Hr (Without Studio Equipment)


Offices comes with access to our facilities and support services which includes Fast and Secure Wi-Fi and fully stocked pantry, great coffee and tea! 

We provide fully equipped meeting rooms, video conferencing and boardrooms. And also Printing, copying, scanning and projector are available.

Each office ensures privacy & has windows which allows for natural light and a more open feel. We have different sizes offices with different prices.

Office sizes :-

Office #1 - 107 x 92 msq 

Office #2 - 164 x 159 msq 

Office #4 - 120 x 205 msq 

Office #5 - 136 x 205 msq 


For Membership and Workshop inquiries, please include details of rental requirements and a brief of your company.